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5 Benefits of Having a Texas AgAdvantage Policy

By Staci Parks 2.17.20

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance has insured farms and ranches for nearly 70 years. In that time, we’ve learned what farmers and ranchers need most in an insurance policy. That’s why we offer Texas farmers and ranchers one of the best available policies for their unique needs: the Texas AgAdvantage policy.

There are several reasons why the Texas AgAdvantage policy could be a good fit, but here are its five main unparalleled benefits.

1. Combined Coverage

A Texas AgAdvantage policy gives farmers and ranchers the opportunity to bundle their varying coverage needs into a single policy. Everything from the house and barn to expensive farm machinery can be included.

“Everything is lumped together on one policy, so they don’t have to remember to pay so many different policies,” says Kevin Crites, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in New Boston.

2. 30-Day Grace Period

Newly purchased farm equipment and new structures automatically have coverage for up to 30 days. For example, if a farmer purchases a hay baler from an auction, they have 30 days from the sale date to call their Agent and get the equipment scheduled on their Texas AgAdvantage policy.

3. Employers’ Liability for Farmhands

Farmers and ranchers with up to two employees can also include some employer liability coverage within their Texas AgAdvantage policy, Crites says.

Texas doesn’t require all private employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage, according to the state Department of Insurance. So, if a farmer or rancher doesn’t carry workers’ compensation coverage, they could potentially be sued over a workplace injury or illness.

“We can add some employers’ liability on [their policy] to give them some protection if somebody [gets] hurt […] working for them,” Crites says.

While it doesn’t supplement workers’ compensation coverage, employers’ liability coverage protects farmers and ranchers against claims from farmhands who are injured while working on their land.

4. Coverage for All Sizes

The Texas AgAdvantage policy largely caters to farmers and ranchers, but it also applies to small-operating “hobby-type” farms, Crites says.

Thanks to suburban sprawl, Crites says, it’s becoming more common for people to buy five, 10 or 20 acres out in the county.

“They’re building them a house out there, and they’ll have a cow or a horse or two, or they will buy a tractor to bush-hog with — that kind of situation,” Crites says. “So they need protection too.”

5. Make It What You Want

Flexibility is one of the biggest draws to the Texas AgAdvantage policy. Farmers and ranchers can pick and choose what they want to cover, from lean-to structures throughout their pastures to specific animals.

“It can be as comprehensive as the customer wants […] or it can be as basic as they want it to be,” Crites says.

Call your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent to build a Texas AgAdvantage policy that fits your needs.

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