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Adding a Teen Driver to Your Auto Policy Can Be Painless

By Paula Felps 5.28.14

Adding a teen driver to your insurance policy provides the freedom of knowing they’re becoming more independent — and the fear of what might possibly happen to them. Making sure you have the right insurance is crucial to providing yourself with peace of mind.

In Texas, teen drivers must be 16 years old and possess a driver’s permit for at least six months in order to be added to a policy. The good news is that adding a younger driver to your policy doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as you think.

“The best advice that I can give parents who are adding a teen driver is to find a vehicle they can pay cash for that does not need full coverage,” says Bryan Wages, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Shelby County. “Liability is much less expensive for underage drivers than full coverage.”

He says that such an approach allows parents who are footing the insurance bill to provide basic liability coverage — including medical or personal injury protection and towing — without having to pay for collision, comprehensive, rental, and other services included in full coverage. Wages also suggests calling your agent to see what other discounts your teen may be eligible to receive.

“If they took driver’s ed, they can get an insurance discount. And if their overall grade average is a ‘B’ or better, they can qualify for an academic discount,” Wages says.

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