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Q&A: What Does Car Theft Insurance Cover?

By Abi Grise Morgan 6.3.21

Every year, more than 65,000 cars and trucks are stolen in Texas. Another 200,000 are burglarized. While you can’t predict if or when your car will be targeted, there’s comfort in being prepared. You can start by understanding what your insurance policy covers in the event your car, or the valuables inside, suddenly disappear without a trace.

To help clarify, we’ve turned to an expert: Jerry Masters, a 30-year-strong Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Uvalde. He’s helped a fair share of policyholders navigate car theft claims over the years. These are his answers to common questions and his tips for deterring thieves.

Q: Does My Auto Policy Cover Car Theft?
A: If you have comprehensive auto insurance through Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, car theft is included in your policy. In the event your car is stolen, [we] pay out the value of your vehicle, as well as a daily stipend to cover your travel expenses (up to $600 total) until you can purchase a new one.

Q: Are Valuables Stolen from My Vehicle Covered?
A: Sometimes, policyholders are surprised to learn that the valuables inside their vehicle are covered under their homeowners or renter’s policy. In the case of a smash-and-grab, comprehensive coverage covers damage to the vehicle: the stereo, the windows, the door handle, etc. Your property insurance policy covers the valuables inside: gifts, luggage, and personal items. This is something to consider when customizing your property insurance. Many times, a high deductible won’t cover the costs of, say, Christmas presents stolen out of the back seat of your car.

Q: What Do I Do If My Vehicle Is Stolen or Burglarized?
A: The moment you discover your vehicle is missing or broken into, file a police report. Then, call your Agent. We’ve seen this before, and we’re happy to help you get back on the road.

Q: How Can I Prevent Theft?
A: Believe me, prevention is better than a payout! Follow these tips to reduce the likelihood that your car will become a target.

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