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What Insurance Does Your College Student Need?

By Mary O. Parker 2.23.16

Seems like just yesterday you sent your child off to kindergarten, and already she’s applying to colleges and receiving acceptance letters. This time is full of optimism, excitement, and perhaps concern about preparing her — and you — for this next big step. But fear not: When it comes to figuring out your college student’s insurance needs, we’ve got you covered.

Auto insurance
Heather Schulze, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent based in Fayette County, says dependents heading to school in Texas can usually remain on their parents’ auto insurance policies until age 25.

Student savings
When good grades roll in, you could roll in the savings. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance offers an Academic Achievement Discount on automobile insurance!

Protect their space
Does your child want to live in a dorm? If so, your homeowners policy may protect her belongings if stolen or damaged.

But even if your policy does offer such protection, Schulze recommends investing in a renters policy. “Renters policies are quite affordable,” Schulze says. “In fact, the annual cost of renters insurance is usually cheaper than the deductible on the parents’ homeowners policy.”

If your college student lives in an apartment or room-for-rent instead of a dorm, your homeowners insurance won’t cover her belongings, so you’ll definitely want to look toward purchasing a renters policy to protect that laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Health insurance
No matter where your child lives, studies have shown that college kids get sick more often than the general population. Why? Residing in close quarters, surviving on little sleep, and operating under constant stress.

That makes providing health insurance for your child a priority. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you can do that easily by including your son or daughter on your own policy until he or she reaches age 26.

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