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Don’t Overlook These Needed Garage Updates

By Paula Felps 10.14.15

Having a clean, well-organized garage is the first step toward making it safe, but there may still be hazards lurking inside it. A study by the Home Safety Council and GarageTek found a third of U.S. homeowners with garages have experienced garage-related accidents.

Avoid needless accidents in this often-overlooked place with these simple safety upgrades.

—Light it up. One of the simplest ways to avoid accidents is to install proper lighting. That added visibility cuts down on the likelihood of tripping over garden hoses or tools that aren’t properly stored, or slipping on grease and spilled fluids — both common accidents.

—Add auto-reverse to the garage door. These systems have been required since 1991, but if your garage is older, it may need updating. Infrared motion detectors provide another level of safety. These return to the open position after detecting something — such as a pet or bicycle — in its path.

—Get alarmed. A carbon monoxide detector is a must if you have an attached garage, as vehicle exhaust fumes can seep into your home.

In addition to adding safety features, make sure your garage is fully insured. Christopher Cromer, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Hunt County, says attached garages are automatically covered on your homeowners policy, but detached garages may need additional coverage.

Now that your garage is in order, hop behind the wheel and explore Texas using these alternate routes to the major highways crisscrossing the state.

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