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Give a Gift to Last a Lifetime

By Lisa Martin 11.17.16

Sweaters, bathrobes, and toys can delight their recipient, but when exchanging presents with your loved ones this holiday season, why not consider insurance as a fresh, innovative, and thoughtful gift, one that invests in a better future for the most important people in your life.

“I’ve had clients give life insurance as a gift to their grandchildren, which is great,” says Steve Moore, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Granbury. “They typically do what we call ‘20 Paid’ policies, whole life policies that are completely paid for in 20 years, when the grandchildren become the owners of them.”

If you have selected a sensational watch or exceptional piece of jewelry for your significant other, consider insuring that piece as well. In general, homeowner’s policies only cover $1,000 to $2,000 on an individual item. An “endorsement” can make up for any shortfall, insuring the piece for its full value.

“To properly insure jewelry and other expensive items, consider purchasing additional coverage through a floater or an endorsement,” says Jeanne M. Salvatore, the nonprofit Insurance Information Institute’s senior vice president and consumer spokesperson. “While there is no way to insure the sentimental value of jewelry, having it properly insured will provide financial protection in the event it is lost or stolen.”

Something that won’t cost a dime is having a conversation with an aging relative to make sure their life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance policies and paperwork are current and easily accessible.

Schedule a 360 Review with your Agent today and have your loved ones unwrap a gift that lasts a lifetime this holiday season.

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