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A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

By Staci Parks 11.10.21

With more than 400,000 registered motorcycles in Texas, bikers are more than familiar with our open country roads. What they may not be familiar with, however, are the nuances of motorcycle insurance in Texas.

Motorcycles have the same registration and insurance requirements as any motorized vehicle in Texas. So far starters, you’ll want to make sure your new bike is covered — just as you would with any new vehicle. Mitch Widler, a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Weatherford, shares some things to consider when selecting motorcycle insurance in Texas.

Talk to Your Agent

Although Texas Farm Bureau Insurance doesn’t directly offer motorcycle coverage, your Agent can still help. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance works with a handful of companies that offer varying coverage for your new motorcycle. Talk to your Agent to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Understand Liability Limits

Don’t be lured into a false sense of security with a motorcycle; consider what you have to lose by opting for minimum-limits coverage. “I think a lot of people take for granted that because it’s a motorcycle, the liability or property damage on that policy isn’t that important,” Widler says. “But you’re just as much at risk to damage someone else’s stuff on a motorcycle as you are in a car.”

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Taking an approved motorcycle safety course is required to get a Class M driver’s license in Texas, but they have benefits beyond the fundamentals. For instance, you may be eligible to receive a discount on motorcycle insurance for taking these classes, Widler says. They also teach enhanced skills in defensive riding, street-maneuvering strategies, and safe riding techniques.

Don’t Forget Your Riding Gear

Having the right gear can help protect you from a multitude of injuries — it can even save your life. But good gear is expensive: The average cost for motorcycle gear can range between $800 and $1,500, and the cost increases with the quality of the product. Widler says some companies will allow you to add gear such as your helmet or riding jacket to your motorcycle insurance policy.

Don’t let insurance questions keep you from the open road. Talk to your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent to get the motorcycle coverage you need. They’ll walk you through your coverage options and help you get safely on the road.

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