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Summer Car Safety

By Kristy Alpert 6.13.14

The scorching heat of a typical Texas summer can take a toll on everything from two legs to four wheels. Not only can the hot temperatures of the day increase the chance of your engine overheating, but everything from the tires to the sunroof can feel the effects of a Texas summer.

The months from late May through early August see more traffic than any other season in Texas, whether it’s due to solo work commutes during the carpool “offseason” or family road trips from the country to the coast. So don’t let the added heat on the road bring you down; follow these summer car safety tips to get you safely through the season.

  • Invest in a sunshade … and use it! Custom cut sunshades offer the best shield from the heat, but as long as one side is reflective, any shade will work.
  • Carry at least one gallon of water in the car for emergencies like an overheated engine. Other items to stock up on for a potential stall include a first aid kit, cool clothing, chargers for phones, and a handheld fan.
  • Check your tire pressure any time there’s a significant temperature change or at least once a month.
  • Never leave the kids alone in the car, even older kids. Not only does it put kids at risk of heatstroke and death, but it’s also against the law in Texas.
  • Get your car checked out before the heat hits, everything from oil changes, air filter checks, A/C tests, coolant inspections, brake checks, and more. Contact your local mechanic for more detailed recommendations.