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By Paula Felps 8.25.14

Today’s students may not just be bringing home a backpack full of textbooks; they might also get a school-issued laptop, tablet, ebook reader, or other form of technology. Unlike textbooks, this type of technology requires certain responsibilities from the students, so it’s important for parents to know what’s expected.

“It really depends from one situation to the next,” says Stephen Fehler, regional underwriting manager for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. “Whenever the requirement to take care of an item is transferred from one person to the next, generally, there is a level of responsibility that comes with it. In most cases, we would add a computer endorsement that would go on your home or farm policy.”

An endorsement is an addition to an existing policy that provides coverage of specific items. Adding a computer endorsement can cover the PCs within a home as well as mobile devices like laptops, cellphones, and tablets, and provides insurance for those items regardless of where they’re taken.

It’s an investment that Fehler says is well worth the cost.

“It’s not much money, especially considering the amount of coverage and number of devices you’re able to include,” he says.

In some cases, such as temporary (weeklong or weekend) equipment use, such coverage typically wouldn’t be required. He says the most important thing is to understand the school’s expectations.

“You need to know up front what the agreement is and get paperwork spelling that out,” he advises. “Once you have that, you can review it with your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent and evaluate what you need to do.”

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