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The Right Start to the New Year

By Lisa Martin 12.30.14

Losing five pounds, giving up caffeine, or vowing to do a half-hour of cardio daily? Why not add one more resolution to your 2015 list: a 360 Review® of your various Texas Farm Bureau Insurance policies.

“Planning for the future helps you eliminate the potential for unpleasant surprises,” says Jennifer Hudson, a longtime Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in McKinney. “But a review is definitely not a negative experience. Sitting down with your Insurance Agent is like having a conversation with a friend, not something to feel intimidated about.”

Adds Eric Hargrove, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance agency manager in Stephenville: “A once-a-year 360 Review® is a great chance to make sure members are getting precisely what they need. Life changes from year to year, and we want to make sure members are getting the right discounts and the most up-do-date coverage.”

Expect to spend up to an hour-and-a-half in discussion with your Insurance Agent. Before getting together with him or her — either at the office or in your home — take a few minutes to consider what’s changed in your life during the previous year.

Do you have a teenager about to climb behind the wheel for the first time with his learner’s permit? Or a wife who aspires to retire early from her job and launch her own web-based business? Maybe you’re planning a spring baby shower for your oldest daughter and would love to give her newborn the gift of a life insurance policy.

Your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent can help protect you. But only if he or she knows the up-to-date details on your life.

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