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Tips for Teaching Kids to Take Care of Their Pearly Whites

By Mary O. Parker 2.15.16

Did you know that by age 3 most kids have a full set of 20 primary teeth? Around age 6, those “baby teeth” begin to make way for permanent, adult teeth.

According to the Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, healthy primary teeth mean healthier permanent teeth — but how do you make that happen without a hassle?

Start empowering your little one with these helpful tips:

  • First, let your child choose her own toothpaste from those bearing the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance and pair it with a snappy toothbrush.
  • Play a game called, “No More Nasties!” Tell her she wins when the Nasties have all been nabbed. You decide what that looks like, but use this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of a well-brushed mouth.
  • Inspire your child to brush for two minutes twice a day as recommended by the American Dental Association. Find fun — and free — apps and videos designed to fit the two-minute time frame. Many are musical, so kids can tune up their teeth as they brush to the beat!

But what happens if, in spite of all that dental diligence, a cavity or other calamity comes?

In such cases, the TAPD recommends that parents bring children to pediatric dentists, who undergo special training so they understand children’s special dental needs and also know how to help avoid issues in adulthood.

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