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What to Expect: A Pregnancy Checklist

By Emily C. Laskowski 4.6.20

With your bundle of joy comes a massive to-do list. Adding to your family is a big decision that requires lots of other decisions once your little one is on the way. Here’s how to stay on track and take care of your growing family.

Here’s a pregnancy checklist of when to begin making announcements, planning showers, and preparing for your new arrival.

0-12 Weeks: Stay Healthy and Plan Ahead

Schedule a doctor appointment. Expect to visit your OB/GYN for monthly checkups until you’re about 6 months along. After that, it increases to every two weeks, and by 36 weeks, you’ll be there on a weekly basis until baby arrives.

Take prenatal vitamins. You’ll start these as soon as you find out you’re pregnant — you can find them in the health or pharmacy section of the grocery store. Different vitamins affect all women differently, so make sure to discuss all health-related decisions with your doctor.

Get life insurance. “Plan ahead and apply for life insurance before pregnancy, or early into your pregnancy, as your health can change while pregnant,” advises Dana Schneider, a mom of three and a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance agency manager in Perryton, Spearman, and Stratford.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance also offers a $20,000 child term rider that can be attached to the coverage on a parent. “I encourage couples to add this before their first child is born,” Schneider says. “We also offer whole life policies many parents choose to take out on their children after birth in addition to the child term rider.” This ensures your child is covered for life!

12-20 Weeks: Make Announcements

Tell your family and friends. Call, text, post on Instagram, and celebrate in person — all are options for spreading your joyful news.

Notify your place of work and plan your leave. Take time to review and consider your workplace maternity and paternity leave policies. Make a financial plan, review options for childcare after you go back work, and discuss all leave options with your human resources department or supervisor.

20-30 Weeks: Shower Yourself

Sign up for a baby registry. Consider the necessities first: a crib, a car seat, a stroller, bottles, and burp cloths — and add from there. Amazon and BabyList let you register from multiple retailers, but you can also register at specific stores like Buy Buy Baby, Pottery Barn Kids, or Crate & Kids.

Enjoy a baby shower. Let your family or friends celebrate you — and hopefully gift you some of those must-have items, including onesies, rattles, swaddles, and crib sheets. Don’t worry, they’ll give you plenty of toys and books and stuffed animals without you having to ask!

30-36 Weeks: Before You Forget

Choose a pediatrician. Once your little one arrives, you’ll start seeing the pediatrician immediately, within the first few days after your baby is born. Meet with a few and find the doctor that puts you most at ease. You’ll want to check for board certification, location, and whether they accept your health insurance.

Stock up and set up. Assemble the crib, install the car seat, charge the baby monitor, wash bottles and clothes, and make sure you have the following essentials ready to go: diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, a digital thermometer, baby Motrin, and a basic first-aid kit.

Pack your hospital bag. Babies don’t always arrive on schedule. Pack pajamas, a phone charger, and hair tie and at a minimum so you’ll be comfortable and fully charged.

Prepare your home for your new arrival with these babyproofing tips.

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