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Our Total Guide to Home Security

By Michelle Nguyen 11.23.20

Whether you decide to travel during the holiday season or not, it is important to keep your home as safe as possible. From preventing theft to upgrading your security system through your smartphone, it’s never too late to implement new home security measures in your home.

Here is a roundup of our home security resources that can help to protect you and your family.

Theft Prevention

Don’t attract attention to your empty house. No matter how excited you are for your vacation, you shouldn’t advertise your absence. Here’s a list of what not to do when you’re away from home.

Change your locks. If you lose a key, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your packages safe. Expecting a delivery? Here’s how to deter opportunistic thieves from swiping your parcel.

Pay attention to crime trends. Stay alert to crime spikes and statistics in Texas, your county, and your neighborhood so you can prepare accordingly.

Invest in a home safe. If your home is burglarized, a home safe can provide some extra peace of mind for the “irreplaceables.” 

Know what to put in a safe deposit box. From family heirlooms to stamp collections, here’s what merits storage in a safe deposit box.

Home Security

Consider stepping up your home security. Certain life events may prompt you to think twice about leaving your worldly possessions at home. Here’s what to do when the day comes.

Know which alarms your home needs. Setting up the proper alarms in your house is crucial in protecting you and your family from home fires, break-ins, and other emergencies.

Decide which security systems to invest in. There are many options for security systems on the market, from paid services to products you can install yourself.

Start a neighborhood watch. Taking proper security measures shouldn’t be limited to your own home. Here are some tips for protecting your community.

Smart-Home Safety

Turn your home into a smart home. You don’t have to be a genius to make your home safer. Consult our guide to smart-home security.

Monitor your security and appliances from your smartphone. Automating and syncing your home security has never been easier than it is today.

Download smart-home apps. These convenient apps can help alleviate any worries you may have while you’re away from home.

Talk to your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent about protecting your home with the right coverage, and browse our archive of security and safety tips for more ways to keep your home, land, and family safe.

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