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How to Prevent Cold-Weather Road Accidents

By Abi Grise 12.12.18

Texas’ notoriously fickle winters can bring a mess of hazards that can make road accidents more likely and less easy to account for fault.

Who’s at fault?

If you’re in a road accident that’s partially caused by weather conditions — like if you skid across ice and rear-end another car — it may seem like you’re not at fault, the weather is. But unfortunately, the weather cannot be found accountable for accidents (thanks, Mother Nature!), so fault would be determined the same way any other accident would be. The good news is that if your car loses a battle with nature (say, a flood) the damage can be covered under your comprehensive policy.

How can you prepare?

  • Get your tires winter-ready. In the country, tire chains are a must for driving in snow. But Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Rudy Good, who’s served blustery Amarillo for six years, warns to take them off after the snow melts. “They can send sparks flying down the road.”
  • Slow your roll. Give yourself extra time when you set out in wintry conditions.
  • Keep an eye on your gas tank. Even winter accidents you’re not involved in can affect you. If you’re stuck behind one, you don’t want to run out of gas waiting for the wreck to clear.
  • Pack an emergency kit. Blankets, food, and flashlights can be lifesavers. Emergency kits are for city drivers, too: If you need to crawl under your car, you’re going to wish you had a blanket.
  • Don’t underestimate freezing fog. Approach fog with caution and do not turn on your brights, which will simply reflect moisture more intensely.
  • Stay calm when you hit ice. You’ve heard it before: When you hit ice, steer into the turn. Don’t slam on the brakes; instead, pump. Otherwise, you might just do a 180.

What coverage do you need?

This is a good time of year to review your policies with your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent. Brian Brazil, who serves ice storm-prone Plano, recommends having liability, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage — “and your deductible in your bank account!”

Are you prepared for winter weather? Call your Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent to review your policy today.

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