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Our Complete Guide to Texas Weather Safety

By Staci Parks 9.30.20

Texans know it’s completely possible to experience all four seasons — and something in between — in the span of 24 hours. Covering 800 miles north to south and almost as many east to west, the Lone Star State is home to several types of extreme weather, ranging from intense heat to hurricanes.

This handy Texas weather safety resource includes all our guides to keeping you and your family safe during the many types of extreme weather Texas experiences.

Texas Weather Safety Precautions

Sign up for weather alerts. Never get caught by surprise when you keep up-to-date with these helpful weather alerts that will give you as much as time as possible to plan.

Download weather apps. Follow the weather and any relevant news that may affect your plans with these resources.

Have an evacuation plan. It’s good practice to have a family evacuation plan so you know when and where to go and can easily follow evacuation orders when mandated. It also helps to have your evacuation kit ready.

Know where to take shelter. If you’re in the path of danger, it’s important to know where and how to take shelter from any incumbent weather. This guide will help.

Know when to stay inside. These five warning signs are good indicators that you should stay indoors.

Storms and Hurricanes

See the storm coming. Learn to recognize which clouds mean bad weather is on the way.

Prepare for more coastal hurricanes. We’re no stranger to hurricanes at this point, and we should stay prepared for more.

Learn the truth about lightning. Don’t fall prey to these five myths about lightning safety.

Keep your home safe from lightning. One-third of lightning-related injuries occur indoors. Stay safe with these tips.

Wildfires and Extreme Heat

Help prevent wildfires. Given that Texas is the No. 2 state with a high-to-extreme wildfire risk, it’s best to have a plan if you live in one of the state’s more wildfire-prone areas.

Navigate heat emergencies. Hydration is critical to staying safe in Texas’ grueling heat. So is learning the signs of sun poisoning, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Tornadoes and Winter Weather

Know the risks where you live. If you’re in Texas’ Tornado Alley, you’ll definitely want to prepare.

Follow tornado safety. Make sure you know your tornado myths — and your facts.

Battle winter weather. Learn how to stay safe in hail, ice, snow, and tornadoes.

Explore our Weather Center for more Texas weather safety knowledge.

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