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4 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood

By Kristy Alpert 7.21.15

Uncovering the true beauty of wood is a great feeling. It could be that old tree stump in your own backyard or a log you find in a nearby creek. Even less charming places, like your local gas station, maybe treasure troves with unused pallet lying around.

Once reserved for skilled craftsmen and creative carpenters, working with reclaimed wood has become an art form any ambitious homeowner can tackle. Here are a few ideas:

  • Log tea lights: Create these woodsy pillar candleholders from Pretty Handy Girl in minutes for a charming accent or centerpiece.
  • Barn wood wall: Refresh your wall with reclaimed barn wood for a dramatic finish with this great tutorial from Home Talk.
  • Floating shelves: Use felled fence posts or other reclaimed wood to create these chic, space-saving shelves from Not Just A House Wife.
  • Driftwood island: This genius trick from BeachBumLivin turns found driftwood into a beautiful island (a kitchen island). 

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