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5 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

By Sarah Rosen 2.3.21

There’s a reason Valentine’s Day falls during one of the dreariest winter months: We could all use a little extra love in February. This year, having a reason to celebrate is especially welcome — and a few seasonal ideas to occupy the little ones even more so.

These DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids will help you do both. Here are the ingredients for a festive Valentine’s Day party at home.

DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

1. Handmade Valentines

You can make pretty cards that are charming in their simplicity with just a few supplies: construction paper, glue sticks, ribbon, and scissors. You could make:

Inside each card, challenge your child to compose a poem using a traditional Valentine’s Day formula. Kids will have fun adding a personalized twist to these ideas:

  • Finish the line: “Roses are red, violets are blue, _______________.”
  • “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways …”
  • An acrostic poem using the word love. (“L is for …,” etc.)

Send your cards to loved ones you miss who live near and far, decorated with heart stamps.

2. DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Show off the love in your home with pretty DIY decorations your kids can make themselves. Start with:

3. Build-A-Bouquet

Roses are pretty, violets are too; the best Valentine’s gifts are handpicked by you! Set up a collection of flowers, from roses to tulips to baby’s breath, and let the kids create their own arrangements to place around your home.

DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

4. Sweets for Your Sweethearts

Undertake a family baking project and turn decorating into an activity for the kids with candy hearts, sprinkles, and colorful icing they can mix and match. Some festive recipes:

5. Love Jars

Use a Mason jar (one for each family member) and have each family member decorate it to their liking. Then have everyone in the family write down reasons they love the jar’s owner. Stick your slips of paper in the jar with some “love dust” (glitter) and shake them up. Go around and read the contents of your love jar aloud. This one’s sure to put a smile on even the crankiest of faces!

Here are more thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts you can make.

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