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A Few of the Best Texas City Slogans

By Erin Fornoff 8.27.20

This state is famous for its slogan “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Lesser known is that Texas has a reputation for witty, funny city slogans across the state. Some promise spinach, some promise fruitcake, some promise hippos. These are a few of our favorites.

“We Shoot Straight With You”

Henderson County’s Gun Barrel City is named after the perfectly straight State Highway 198, once called Gun Barrel Lane, which also inspired its slogan. Rumors tell that the moniker came from the outlaws, like Jesse Daniels and Bonnie and Clyde, who roamed the dusty roads.

“Where the Stars Come Out to Play”

Fort Davis is also known as the highest town in Texas. Situated in the Davis Mountains (the “Texas Alps”), the town is home to the McDonald Observatory and is one of the best stargazing spots in Texas.

“The Hippo Capital of Texas”

Hutto, a city of 27,000 in Williamson County, about 30 minutes from Austin, seeks the ever-elusive tourist draw with their enigmatic promise of hippos. How many hippos count themselves as citizens of this city? None living, anymore — but the town is dotted by 3,000 painted ones. Legend has it a hippo escaped from a circus train and made its meandering home in the town river, sparking the passion and spirit that makes Hutto the only town in America with the hippo as its mascot and “Hippo Capital” as its proud city slogan.

“Keep Austin Weird”

Famously, Austin — also known as “Bat City” and “Hippie Haven” and a lot of other names — wants you to keep it weird. Surprisingly, “Keep Austin Weird” was adopted by the Austin Small Business Association as a promotion. It has since been adapted for towns such as Portland, Asheville, and Indianapolis, which makes Austin slightly less weird.

“The End of the Rainbow”

Why is San Angelo meant to be this mythical place? We’re not sure, but it’s also known as the “Oasis of West Texas,” due to its unusual confluence of three rivers and three lakes.

“The Town Without a Frown”

Happy, Texas, near Amarillo, is “The Town Without a Frown.” Studied by marketing agencies for its brevity, poetry, and wit, this town’s slogan is tied to its name, which has been around since a bunch of thirsty cowboys were delighted to find a water source there in the 19th century. Ironically, today the town population is decreasing by 10% a year due to water shortages. Interestingly, a film called “Happy, Texas” was named for and set in the town, which sparked another, unofficial town slogan: “We Didn’t Like the Movie, Either.”

“The Name Says It All”

In Devine, “The Name Says It All.” Presumably, it’s a divine place to live.

Whatever the address, these city slogans are vibrant symbols of the iconoclastic place that is Texas. Discover more Texas towns and what they’re famous for in our travel guides.

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