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Agents Share How They’re Serving Their Communities Remotely

By Staci Parks 5.15.20

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Texans have gradually adapted to new, unprecedented challenges. Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agents have been eager to meet members’ needs and guide them through this period of uncertainty.

A few Agents share their coronavirus responses and how they’ve been following social distancing guidelines while staying present for their policyholders and communities, whether by handling important insurance needs or bringing food to essential employees.

Meredith Campbell, Hale/Floyd/Briscoe County Agency Manager

“This is such a different time than we have ever experienced. In our office, we have focused on time — just listening, calling in and checking on one another, and being there in some capacity for each other. This has allowed us to do that. We are serving meals, dropping off pizzas to essential employees, delivering doughnuts to auto- and equipment-repair shops — whatever we can do to remind people we value them.

“I’ve used this time to talk to policyholders about their coverage options. After the stock market and investments tanked, we had a lot of interest in our whole life insurance offerings due to our stability. We have been educating people about all their different options. Since we have time to talk, we want to make sure people know what they have available to them. These conversations are invaluable and help us adequately cover our policyholders’ needs, where a lot of the time they might be too busy to look it over with us.”

Paula Cooper, Spearman Agent

“The coronavirus has struck close to home in Hansford County. Two of my policyholders have recently been diagnosed with the virus. I have called them a couple of times to check up and let them know they are in our prayers and offered to bring them groceries or other supplies. Our office has been calling our policyholders — especially the elderly — and just visiting.

“I have been especially proud of our Hansford and Ochiltree offices’ two newest Agents, who have shown resilience and compassion during this time. Where others might get discouraged, they have been troopers and gone above and beyond to help their new policyholders by calling and checking up on them with words of encouragement.”

Lin Winfrey, Fredericksburg Agent

“I am safely checking in on elderly members. I’m also sending emails, postcards, and letters offering well wishes to members and their families. I want them to know that, even though our front door is locked, we are still here in the office for them should they need anything.”

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