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Annual Home Cleaning Schedule

By Annie Wiles 4.6.22

Ever wondered exactly when and exactly how often you’re actually supposed to be doing something around the house? Now you can refer to this handy annual home cleaning schedule (or send it to your favorite college student).


  • Wash: dishes,sponges
  • Surfaces: kitchen and bathroom counters and tables
  • Frequently handled stuff: keyboards, car keys, phone screens, remote controls


  • Dust: everywhere
  • Surfaces: bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, toilet, cabinet doors
  • Vacuum: all floors
  • Mop: kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Laundry: bedding (sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers), towels, linens, bath mats
  • Replace: sponges


  • Surfaces: baseboards
  • Appliances: coffee makers, tea kettles, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, garbage disposal
  • Mop: all floors
  • Laundry: throw blankets (up to every two weeks if you have pets and/or kids)


  • Laundry: bedding (mattress pads, pillows, duvets), shower curtains
  • Appliances: fridge, freezer, oven
  • Replace: toothbrushes, cosmetics and appliers, dish scrubbers, air filters


  • Surfaces: windows, attic, basement
  • Laundry: curtains and drapes
  • Outdoors: gutters
  • Replace: refrigerator water filter, toilet brushes


  • Surfaces: inside emptied cabinets, walls, doors
  • Laundry: rugs, upholstery
  • Outdoors: garage, shed
  • Replace: hairbrushes
  • Declutter: Purge and donate! Clean out your home and closet; if you didn’t wear it or use it this year, it can probably go. This will make it easier to keep clean.

Once you declutter, learn where to donate useful household items here.

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