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Buy From Your Local Texas Farmers Market

By Catherine Downes 3.4.19

As spring rolls into Texas like stratocumulus clouds over a field of cotton, fresh fruits and vegetables sprout from the soil and ripen on branches across the state. Plump strawberries are ready for plucking, scarlet radishes beg to be pulled from the earth, and bunches of fragrant coriander bloom from the ground.

Tomatoes are turned into preserves, blackberries are baked into flaky crusts, and carrots are pressed into juices. This time of year makes buying from your local Texas farmers market particularly thrilling. But where to start?

Shoppers looking to support their area farmers have a wealth of avenues to explore.

Photo by Jonathan Silverberg

Scout Out Your Markets

  • Texas Farmers Market Directory: This is a good place to begin. Markets are listed by city with info on where to go for fresh, local products. Click on a market for contact information, location, and open dates and times. Give the market a call before heading over to verify that its listed information is up-to-date.
  • Texas Certified Farmers Market list: This is a great resource for finding markets and produce availability.
  • Texas Farmers Market site: Curious about what’s in season? Browse this list to see what you’re likely to find when.

Photo by Jonathan Silverberg

Find Fresh, Local Produce

When you’ve discovered your local treasure trove, take a walk around. There, you are likely to find everything from bunches of broccoli and bushels of cabbage to artisanal breads and sweets. You may have a good sense of what’s in season if you’ve done your research, but you’ll always find something surprising, too.

Don’t hesitate to talk to vendors. They are passionate about their offerings and are usually happy to answer any questions you have pertaining to where their goods are grown and how they’re prepared.

Photo by Jonathan Silverberg

Bring Home the Bounty

Once you’re done shopping at your local Texas farmers market, it’s time to have fun. This list of recipes offers great cooking inspiration.

Take that juicy watermelon and transform it into a crowd-pleasing salad with fresh basil and rich goat cheese; peel newly harvested zucchini and toss them with lemon juice, sweet onions, oregano, and chopped pecans for an herbaceous salad; roast Brussels sprouts with local honey and cilantro until they’re lightly charred.

With fresh produce from around the corner, you can’t go wrong. Confident home cooks can skip the recipe altogether and experiment. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the next Texas farmers market hit.

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