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Celebrate Chicken Fried Steak Day

By Rachel Elmalawany 10.25.13

October 26 is Chicken Fried Steak Day in Texas, and all across the state, tender cuts of beef will be breaded, fried, and served up with sides of mashed potatoes, gravy, and beans. However, not all chicken-fried steak is created equal, so here’s a list of the top-rated spots in Texas to find the tastiest treasures.

North Texas

D Magazine rates Ozona Grill and Bar as the number-one spot for chicken-fried steak in the big D. Tender beef, crispy breading, and thick gravy taste even better with a price tag that’s less than $10.

Central Texas

Tourtexas.com lists George’s restaurant in Waco as the best place in Texas to grab a bite of chicken-fried steak and calls the restaurant “Chicken Fried Steak nirvana.” Two four-ounce steaks with two sides rings in at just $9.99.

Southeast Texas

Internet users rate Hickory Hollow Restaurant as the best place to get the fried yumminess in Houston. Four sizes of steak, from the “Small cowgirl” to the “Large rancher,” each served with a side of potatoes, leaves everyone with the option for the right-sized portion.

West Central Texas

Users on urbanspoon.com, a popular restaurant rating service, give Mary’s Café in Strawn a 91% rating, and most of the reviews go on about their stellar chicken fried steak. You may have to celebrate Chicken Fried Steak Day a little early this year, however, as their menu offers all-you-can-eat chicken-fried steak on Mondays.