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Homemade Holiday Gift Guide: 5 DIY Cat Toy Crafts

By Annie Wiles 12.15.21

These five DIY cat toy crafts are both a labor of love and works of art, which makes them the perfect homemade holiday gift.

Fortune Cookie Cat Toys

Give the gift of luck (and catnip). If you have colorful felt, some stuffing, and a sewing machine, you have everything you need for these adorable cat toys. Fill them with a bit of catnip for extra points from your feline friends. Get the tutorial from Dandelions & Lace.

Soda Box Cat Toy

This DIY cat toy craft is endlessly inventive — you don’t have to follow any set instructions and can make it your own way. Simply save the empty box the next time you run through your sparkling waters and start cutting and pasting to make an intriguing challenge. Get the tutorial from Cuteness.

Cardboard Castle

For slightly fancier cats who might turn their nose up at a recycled box, a handmade castle is the perfect place to escape to their own sanctuary. You can fill up your castle with handmade toys, too — get the tutorial from Martha Stewart for your castle design plus lots of DIY cat toy craft suggestions.

Tree & Hammock

We love a good Ikea hack, and so will your kitten friends. This fun design takes an Ikea stepladder and blanket and turns them into a clever hammock for your cat to lounge in. This is also a great way to have cat furniture that doesn’t look like cat furniture. Get the tutorial from Ikea Hackers.

Fairy Ring Tree Stump

If you’re more of an advanced crafter, this one takes the cake. A fake tree stump complete with mushroom decorations makes the best cat scratch pad imaginable, providing endless entertainment for kittens — and saving your furniture. Get the YouTube tutorial from 2HI Tips.

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