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Eat This, Not That: Holiday Parties

By M. Ellise Giller 12.23.15

The holiday meal. Whether it’s stuffing and pecan pie at Thanksgiving, mashed potatoes and mincemeat pie at Christmas, or eggnog all season, the holidays mean family get-togethers, block parties, school gatherings, and lots of seasonal sweet treats. But don’t let your dietary restrictions keep you from celebrating! Instead, check out our guide to eating healthfully during the winter months.

Skip: Eggnog may be in season, but you’ll feel its fatty effects long after winter is over.
Savor: Sip on hot chocolate for a sweet treat or coffee for a hand-warming beverage.

The Buffet Table
Skip: That decadent baked brie and those homemade sausage rolls might be calling your name, but resist them along with spinach, artichoke, and other high-calorie dips.
Savor: Keep your willpower and try hard cheeses like Parmesan, tender bites of shrimp cocktail and other meat kabobs, and mustard dips and salsas instead of anything creamy.

Side Dishes
Skip: Green bean casserole, bready stuffing, and mashed potatoes might be things of beauty, but be kind to your waistline and pass on these holiday favorites.
Savor: Roasted vegetables perfectly complement meats like turkey and ham, as do roasted sweet potatoes (read: not the kind topped with marshmallows).

Skip: Seasonal treats like pecan and mincemeat pie are basically just sugar, sugar, and more sugar, with some fat and white flour thrown in for good measure.
Savor: Try pumpkin pie instead, which is loaded with vitamins. Or snack on gingerbread cookies, which can be lower in fat. You could even load up your plate with a selection of fresh fruit for an even lighter option.

While the visions of sugarplums dance in your head (and make your mouth water!) visit the Texas Heritage for Living® Pinterest page for even more mouthwatering (and waistline saving!) dishes!