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7 Edible Flower Recipes for Spring

By Sarah Rosen 5.11.21

If you think edible flowers are only good for eye candy, consider the flavor punch of herbs like basil, peppermint, and parsley. Edible flowers can be just as flavorful as these classic herbs and have more flavor variety than you might expect.

Some edible flowers, like rose and lavender, have the floral, perfume-y taste you might imagine, while others are more subtle and savory. Pansies, for example, taste more like a mild green salad, while garlic flowers have the same pungent flavor of the plant from which they bloom.

Here are a few of our favorite edible flower recipes that will make your kitchen blossom.

edible flower popsicle recipes
Jonathan Silverberg

Honey-Lemonade Flower Popsicles

There are many varieties of flower-infused popsicles that use simple juice bases. These simple honey-lemonade popsicles, for instance, use just three ingredients for the base: water, honey, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Just add the edible flowers of your choice (we suggest lilac and marigold, lavender and rosemary, or hibiscus), freeze, and enjoy. 

edible flower cupcake recipes
Jonathan Silverberg

Lavender-Honey Cupcakes

Add a dash of floral flavor to your classically sweet dessert platter. A sprinkling of dried edible lavender adds a delicate relish and elegant finish to these vanilla-honey cupcakes.

Flower-Topped Pomegranate Cupcakes

Another simple cupcake recipe gets a flavor boost from pomegranate juice and a decorative edible flower placed on top. They’re a chic addition to bridal or baby showers, backyard banquets, or any elegant spring or summer occasion.

Pansy Pancakes

These thin, crepe-like pancakes look spectacular, thanks to the pansies you place on the batter as the crepes are frying. Their sweet, slightly wintergreen taste is subtle and won’t overpower. This edible flower recipe is also perfect for preparing with kids!

Flowery Focaccia

This savory recipe features colorful, herbaceous toppings for homemade focaccia. Garlic flowers, chive flowers, marigold flowers, and plenty of herbs pack this bread with fresh flavor. This recipe calls for a mix of more than 10 flowers and herbs, but even just a couple will do the trick.

Spring Salad

This spring salad features pansies, rose, nasturtium, and marigold. Finish the salad with your favorite dressing for a spring mix.

edible flower tea recipes
Jonathan Silverberg

Floral Tea

A traditional use for edible flowers is brewing tea. Though tea doesn’t highlight their decorative features, it’s a great use for a wide variety of edible flowers. Edible dried lavender is tremendous when mixed with a cup of Earl Grey, as are rose petals, chrysanthemum, and jasmine. Here’s a great guide for turning fresh edible flowers into tea.

While you might not be able to use them for edible flower recipes, these Texas wildflowers look just as darling.

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