Texas Living

Fighting Food Insecurity

By Emily Farris 11.20.13

Food insecurity, the fear of starvation in a household, has become an increasingly significant problem in many states throughout the nation, and Texas is no exception. According to the USDA Economic Research Service, 18.5 percent of households across the state of Texas suffer from food insecurity.

The good news is that the Texas Food Bank Network (TFBN) works with many of Texas’ regional food banks to help reduce the number of hungry people in the state.

About Texas Food Bank Network

Texas Food Bank Network, based in Fort Worth, is made up of 20 regional food banks from all across Texas. TFBN coordinates disaster relief efforts, public policy advocacy, and partnerships with statewide entities for food banks across Texas. The TFBN has nourished more than 3 million Texans through 3,900 soup kitchens and food pantries statewide.

How to get involved

There’s a food bank in every major city in Texas that belongs to the TFBN. Each of these regional food banks accepts donations and offers opportunities to volunteer sorting and packing food. Corporations can even step in to help their local food banks through sponsorship, donations, and group volunteering sessions. The TFBN also gives people the opportunity to volunteer time and money to special programs including The Backpack Program and Kids Café. These programs help provide students on free or reduced lunch plans with meals for after school and on weekends.

For more information about TFBN’s programs and the areas they cover, visit www.tfbn.org, and contact your local TFBN food bank for more information about specific volunteer times.