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New Year’s Resolution: Find a New Hobby

By Abi Grise Morgan 1.5.23

Kids have all kinds of activities: sports, art, clubs. But what do you do for yourself to relax in ways that don’t contribute to work — or screen time? This year, make your resolution to find a new hobby that helps you disconnect from screens, rings, and pings. Hobbies like crafting, birdwatching, and recreational sports are not only a fun way to pass the time but help us live in the moment, make new friends, and — ultimately — bring us joy.

Need help figuring out where to start? Consider these five popular hobbies with a low barrier to entry.

finding a new hobby

1. Origami

Origami is the art of folding paper into beautiful shapes and designs. Origami is not only a fun challenge, but it can also be a great form of mindfulness. By focusing on the intricate folds and precise movements, you can tune out the distractions of daily life and find a sense of calm. Plus, the finished products make for beautiful decorations or gifts.

finding a new hobby

2. Crochet

Similar to origami, crochet is a great way to channel your creativity and focus your mind. With just a hook and some yarn, you can create a wide range of items, from cozy blankets and scarves to adorable stuffed animals. Crochet can also be a great social activity, as many people enjoy getting together with friends to work on their projects.

finding a new hobby

3. Pickleball

Hoping to find a more active hobby? Pickleball is a fun and fast-paced sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and pingpong. It can be played indoors or outdoors, and it’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, pickleball is a social game, so it’s a great way to make new friends and have fun.

finding a new hobby

4. Birdwatching

If you’re looking for a more contemplative hobby, birdwatching might be the perfect choice. Birdwatching allows you to connect with nature and observe the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Plus, with the help of a field guide and some binoculars, you can learn to identify different species of birds and track their movements. Birdwatching can be a relaxing and meditative activity, and it can also be a great way to explore the outdoors and exercise.

finding a new hobby

5. Floral Arranging

Make it your mantra this year to stop and smell the flowers. Floral arranging allows you to create beautiful arrangements using fresh flowers and other natural materials. Not only is it a way to express yourself with color, form, and texture, but it can also be a great way to add a touch of beauty and color to your home. Bonus: The finished products make for beautiful decorations or gifts.

finding a new hobby

Enrich Your Life By Finding a New Hobby

It’s easy to get into a loop, day in and day out, where you’re just trying to check off your to-do list. This is especially true if you’re caring for family and juggling various demands at work. To help your new hobby stick, schedule it in your calendar as a can’t-miss date with yourself. You might just find that when you set aside time to unwind — everything else on your to-do list gets a little easier!

There’s another hobby making quite a buzz these days: backyard beekeeping.

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