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Recipe: The Ultimate French Fry Guide

By Jillian Kring 3.14.22

French fries exist in so many forms. They’re universally beloved throughout the world, and that’s how far we searched to find these 20 essential french fry recipes. Somewhere in this list is your favorite fry — and now you can make it at home.

french fry recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff. Food Styling by Kylie Valigura

Aloo Tuk: This Indian dish is made with sliced and salted potatoes that are double fried and wonderfully spiced! Try this recipe.

Belgian Frites: No list could be complete without the original, or at least one of the originals. There is a heated international debate between Belgium and France over the homeland of the fry. Regardless, Belgian frites are a delightful part of the local cuisine. The frites are savory from being fried twice in beef tallow and are usually served with mayonnaise. Try this recipe.
Pair with: mayo.

Bhajias: This Kenyan dish is made with sliced potatoes drenched in a beautifully spiced batter and fried to perfection. Try this recipe.

British Chips: If you have tasted chips abroad in Ireland or Great Britain, you know there is something uniquely delicious about a nice fresh batch of chips. Try this recipe.
Pair with: Irish curry on top.

cajun french fry recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff. Food Styling by Kylie Valigura

Cajun Fries: If you love a couple of extra spice kicks, this french fry recipe is for you. Try this recipe.

Chili Cheese Fries: Why have plain fries when they could be covered in chili and cheese? Try this recipe.

Crinkle-Cut Fries: This is the most nostalgic fry on the list because who hasn’t enjoyed a carton of crinkle-cut fries at the park? Try it with homemade fry sauce! Try this recipe.

Curly Fries: These fries are always a kid favorite and just so much fun to eat. This is a recipe that the whole family can get behind. Try this recipe.

dutch french fry recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff. Food Styling by Kylie Valigura

Dutch War Fries: Patatje oorlog — This favorite of the Netherlands is made with fried potato slices, fried onions, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, and served in a paper cone. Try this recipe.

French Fries: Nothing hits the spot quite like the traditional french fry. Try this recipe.
Pair with: homemade ketchup.

Pommes Soufflés: Now this is a fry that you would find in France. This delicate puff of a French fry will impress everyone who enjoys it. Try this recipe.

Potato Wedges: The crispy and lightly seasoned outside with the soft and warm inside makes this recipe delectable. Try this recipe.
Pair with: A nice aioli.

Poutine: Our Canadian neighbors were onto something when they created this savory treat. No need to travel; make this delicious gravy fry at home. Try this recipe.

Shoestring Fries: These fries are for anyone who searches for the crispiest fry of the batch. These thinly sliced fries are all crispy. Try this recipe.

south african french fry recipes
Photo by Natalie Goff. Food Styling by Kylie Valigura

South African Slap Chips: This South African snack is first dipped in vinegar then fried, making them soft and fluffy on the inside. Try this recipe.

Steak Fries: There aren’t many fries that can stand up next to a large steak, but this hefty steak fry is up to the challenge! Try this recipe.

Sweet Potato Fries: If you are looking for a more nutrient-rich alternative to the traditional potato, sweet potato fries are always a great option. Try this recipe.

Tater Tots: The Tater Tot is admittedly a controversial choice as many people would not classify it as a french fry. It is certainly one of the most loved types of fried potato. Try positing this debate to a group of friends while enjoying these tots. Try this recipe.

Truffle Fries: Enjoying this dish is the best act of self-care during truffle season. Try this recipe.

Waffle Fries: There is no better accompaniment to a sandwich or chicken tender than a perfectly fried waffle fry. This is one of our favorites! Try this recipe.

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