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Garage Sale Treasure Hunt

By Jen Alexander 9.30.15

Nothing beats a Saturday morning spent scouring neighborhood yard sales for hidden treasure. But how do you know the price on that carnival glass pitcher is the best deal you could get? Follow these tips to score a good deal when you see it.

Go In With a Plan

If you hit the yard sale circuit knowing what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay, shopping is more likely to be a success. Do online research to see how sellers in your area are pricing certain items. Sellers often post lists and prices of furniture, appliances, and popular children’s toys on sites such as Yard Sale Search and Garage Sales Tracker.

Be Ready to Haggle

Strike up a conversation with the seller about the items you’re most interested in. Don’t tell them what you’re willing to pay, though. Eversave, a site dedicated to saving money on everyday items, warns against falling into this trap. If an item isn’t labeled with a price, ask the seller directly and negotiate down from there.

Have Cash on Hand

Set a limit for how much you want to spend, and carry that amount in small bills and (some) change. Early birds may find great deals, but if they’re handing over a $20 bill to pay for a 25-cent purse, the seller might be a bit put out.

Take this advice on the road next time you cruise the block for yard sales, and you’re sure to go home feeling good about that velvet Elvis.

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