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Give Her a Rose Garden

By Callie Leahy 2.10.14

February is the month of love, romance, and most importantly, beautiful roses. Sweep her off her feet with a gift that says “I love you” longer than supermarket bouquets. Treat her to her very own rose garden.

Why give her roses when you can give her a rose garden instead? For the cost of a Valentine’s Day bouquet ($30-$100) you can give her all of the things she needs to get started.

Before you begin, find out if the ground is frozen or if it is expected to freeze soon. If not, then you are all clear to plant your roses directly into the soil. If there’s any doubt about freezing conditions, consider giving her a potted rose bush instead.

Next, you’ll want to pick what kind of roses to give her. Consult with a gardening expert before buying to discuss the size (width and height) of your gardening space, whether it’s outdoors or not, and the color you think she’ll prefer. Additionally, mention if you anticipate that she’ll clip the roses and bring them indoors, since some species are better for arrangements than others. Now you’ll need to gather some supplies. For a cute gift idea, purchase a set of gardening gloves, gardening scissors or pruners, and a thorn stripper. Then, present the supplies within a vase to complete the package.

For best results, plant or pot the roses in an area with good circulation, lots of sunlight (no less than six hours daily), and with plenty of room to prevent overcrowding and disease. Be sure to water your roses frequently and clear any dead petals or branches routinely.

For more information on purchasing a rose bush, or starting a rose garden, check out Lowe’s Basic Rose Gardening website .