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Hobbies Can Help You Relax and Refocus

By Casey Kelly-Barton 4.20.16

April is Stress Awareness Month. One way to reduce stress is by taking up a fun hobby, even if your schedule is already busy. Here’s a look at hobby health benefits and how to find a new hobby to fit into your busy schedule.

Schedule your hobby time

A mere 20 minutes of hobby time each week can . That’s a good thing, whether you’re overloaded with to-dos or don’t have quite enough to do. Furthermore, health experts say hobbies can lower stress hormone levels, boost creative-thinking skills, and improve your resting heart rate. Add hobby time to your weekly calendar to make sure you keep up with it.

Find your hobby

You can search online to find interest groups for everything from fly fishing to stunt kites. Your local library, community college, place of worship, or hobby shop may offer classes, demonstrations, and opportunities to meet fellow hobbyists.

Stores offer more than supplies

Local hobby shops are a great resource for advice and supplies. For example, yarn-shop employees can recommend yarns and patterns for your skill level. Your local running shop can fit you with the best shoes for your feet, gait, and training routine.

Start slow

Start simple and be patient as you learn. Take a beginner class and borrow or rent the gear before you make a commitment. Once you’re ready for more, ask fellow hobbyists and teachers for recommendations on classes and tools.

Set some goals

While you’re learning, pick a longer-term goal to keep you motivated. You might want to show your photographs at a local coffee house, plan your first deer-hunting trip, or get tickets to a convention or show related to your hobby.

Ready to begin? Get going with our tips on making time for quality time, including hobbies. And find more health-related tips at TexasHeritageForLiving.com.