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Holiday Decor to Keep your Home Glowing Without Christmas Lights

By Brian Kendall 11.30.16

Decorating your homestead with expensive, over-the-top Christmas lights and inflatable Santas isn’t the only way to turn heads in your neighborhood. Instead, spread the holiday spirit with these crafty holiday decor hacks that are sure to make your home stand out from the crowd.                                                                                                                

Transform your Front Door

Your front door isn’t just a door, it’s a blank canvas for holiday decorations. With a little construction paper and some imagination, you can turn your front door into Frosty the Doorman, adorned with a borrowed scarf for added flair. You can also transform your front door into a holiday present with just two simple supplies — fabric and a bow!

Wreath from Extra Ornaments

Put those extra ornaments to good use by upcycling them into a festive wreath decoration. All you need is a straw wreath, a hot glue gun, and a steady hand to make your neighbors drool at your beautiful door decoration.

Turn Pumpkins into Snowmen

Still have a few pumpkins from your Halloween decor? With some paint, some outgrown winter wear, and a little Texas ingenuity, you can turn your pumpkins into an adorable front-porch snowman. Paint ’em white, stack ’em high, draw a jolly face and, voilà, you have a snowman.

Homemade Luminaries with Mason Jars

Lining your sidewalk and driveway with luminaries is classic. But, we put our own, vintage-inspired spin on it by placing the candle in mason jars. It’ll give your holiday decor that country look you can’t get enough of.

Create a Hot Cocoa Bar for the Neighbors

For a winter take on a summer classic, set up a hot chocolate stand to warm up the neighborhood. Just remember to bring disposable cups, spoons, napkins, change jar, and plenty of marshmallows, of course. Such a tasty beverage is sure to have all the neighbors loitering around your beautifully decorated home.

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