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Make Your Holiday Garden Merry and Bright

By Jillian Kring 11.14.22

Winter is here, and with it comes chilly days, longer nights, and less time in the garden! Just because the growing season has slowed doesn’t mean you have to leave it until spring. This season, brighten your holiday garden and yard with these 12 festive decorating tips!  

holiday garden

1. Twinkling Lights and Lanterns

Twinkling lights are a classic festive decoration for your garden. Hanging twinkling lights overhead and draping them around trees, fences, pergolas, bushes, and raised garden beds will add a bright and lovely warmth to your holiday garden. Several black rustic lanterns with LED candles placed on the porch or near a seating area will also add a cheerful touch to the outdoors.

2. Garden Holiday Tree

If you have an evergreen tree in your garden or yard, decorating it like a Christmas tree adds a wonderful touch to your outdoor area. Wrap the bottom of the tree in burlap, add twinkling lights, and top it with a lovely star.

holiday garden

3. Wintry Window Boxes

Use evergreen branches and berries to create a rustic holiday look in your window planter boxes. For this task, consider using trimmings from evergreen shrubs or trees in your garden and yard. Placing a lantern in the center of the box with the branches around it will add a gentle glow.

4. Merry Mailbox

Draping evergreen clippings and red berries around your mailbox with a holiday bow in the center can add a lovely holiday centerpiece to your front yard and garden.

holiday garden

5. Holiday Door

Countless holiday images feature a large wreath hanging on a doorway. It is truly a quintessential holiday decoration. Consider hanging an oversized wreath with simple dark greenery and a pop of red with berries or flowers.

6. Warm Holiday Garden Bench

A nicely placed garden bench can be a warm holiday focal point if paired with cozy throw pillows, faux fur blankets, lanterns, and a vibrant holiday floral arrangement.

holiday garden

7. Cozy Porch

Perhaps the most welcoming sight is that of a rocking chair sitting on a porch with a warm blanket draped over the back of it. Add several lanterns to the surrounding area and a side table with enough room to rest hot chocolate mugs atop it. 

8. Holiday Patio Table

Are you hosting a holiday party? Wouldn’t it be lovely to prepare an outdoor dining area so that you can entertain guests comfortably? A long table with ample lanterns, candles, and blankets is essential. Wreaths as centerpieces are also an excellent addition to the layout. If you have a greenhouse or nicely kept shed, consider setting up the table with an extra bit of shelter from the elements overhead.

holiday garden

9. Festive Fence

Gather the largest trimmings from a Christmas tree or source some additional greens if you need more. Tie the greenery together around fence posts with a red bow.

10. Garland for Raised Plant Beds

Drape a fresh garland, ornaments, and pine cones around raised plant beds to add to the festive appearance of your holiday garden. Complete the raised plant beds by draping fairy lights alongside the garland.

holiday garden

11. Festive Columns 

Wrap garland around the entryway or pergola columns to give your outdoor decorations a finished look. Again, use trimmings from real evergreen trees for a more authentic and rustic ambiance. Add red berries or flowers for a pop of color.

12. Yule Fire

Light your own yule log with a holiday firepit. Make sure you surround the fire with beautiful Adirondack chairs draped with buffalo plaid blankets and white knit pillows. Include hot chocolates and roasting sticks with marshmallows for an especially festive evening. Happy holidays and merry yuletide!

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