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5 Curb Appeal Tips to Help You Sell Faster

By Casey Kelly-Barton 3.5.18

Texas’ home sales were strong throughout most of 2017 and are projected to be even stronger in 2018. That’s great news if you’re planning to sell your home, but it doesn’t mean you can take a great offer or fast sale for granted.

We asked Realtor Kate Ward of Team Price Real Estate in Austin for home staging tips to boost your curb appeal. By making these inexpensive changes before your home goes on the market, you stand a better chance of getting the offer you want.

1. Create Clearer Views

“Wash the windows and place the screens in the garage while the home is being shown,” Ward says. Sparkling windows look better from the street, and temporarily removing the screens lets more light into the home, too.

2. Make Your House Easier to Find

Ward recommends replacing faded or missing house numbers with new ones — ideally, near the door. Not only will new numbers make it easier for real estate agents and buyers to find your house, but they also make the house easier for first responders to find if there’s ever an emergency.

3. Spruce Up the Siding

“Power-wash and paint the trim and areas in need of touch-up,” Ward says. “A good cleaning can make a huge difference. Don’t forget to do the driveway.”

4. Lighten Up

Remember that agents may be showing your home at dusk or later, so the walkways, driveway, and exterior need to be visible and look good after dark. “Upgrades to outdoor lighting can be surprisingly affordable and can set your home apart when people drive by at night to get a sense of the house at various times of day,” Ward says.

5. Go Green(er)

Freshen up your landscape to make it pop. “Mulch flower beds and place fresh flowers out just before showings begin. Even if you don’t get fancy, maintain the yard until you close,” Ward suggests.

Finally, keep tabs on your home’s curb appeal. If you’ve already moved out, Ward says, “It’s smart to drive by every few days to check on things if the house is vacant while you show it.”

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