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Indoor Games for Long Summer Days

By Jennifer Norris 7.14.15

Summertime is the best time of the entire year to be a kid … at least for the first couple of weeks. But when Texas temperatures trap kids inside and you’re inevitably met with a chorus of “I’m bored,” try these imaginative ideas to keep the magic of summer alive.

Discovery Station

Take a plastic fish aquarium and add leaves, sticks, and a few bugs from the garden. You’ll have a discovery station that the kids will be excited to put together and  explore.


Stay in your pajamas, build a pillow fort, gather your favorite snacks, and, most importantly, turn off and put away all electronics. It’s time to read. Stock up on a trip to the library beforehand and help your children pick out some new favorites.

Theme Day

Whether it’s cheetahs or the solar system, pick a topic and plan a day where you learn all about it. Research trivia, watch movies, and create crafts centered on your theme. Try to incorporate it into your meals, too. The kids will have fun giving their input.

Indoor Camping

Forts inside are fun, but here’s where you can step it up for an all-day adventure. Pull out sleeping bags, hike up the “tent,” and create a faux campfire, where you can tell stories and eat s’mores.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide new little toys or items you have on hand throughout the house. You could even add a pirate theme to up the ante; dress up in costumes and search for treasure. Then make up a fun list or treasure map they have to follow. Give cute clues and help them along the way. Together you’ll have fun in the cool comfort of your home.

With these inspired indoor options, the long afternoons of summer will fly by as you create lasting memories.

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