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Kitchen Gadgets to Keep Lunch Fun

By Lindsey Wilson 8.16.17

As summer comes to an end, help your kids get excited about what the new school year holds — specifically, about what it holds in their lunch boxes. These kitchen gadgets make food more fun — and ensure that the healthy meal you packed actually ends up in your kid’s tummy (instead of the trash). 

Who says vegetables can’t be kid food?

It’s common kid knowledge that veggies are only appealing when they look like something else. With this veggie sharpener, you can forget peeling and start churning out curls and ribbons of carrots, cucumbers, parsnips, radishes, or any other long vegetable — or simply sharpen them like a pencil. (Just keep an eye on little fingers around the blade.)

kitchen gadgets

Isn’t that the pits.

Make it safer to enjoy cherry season by letting this fun cherry chomper spit out the pit first. The easy plunger action is oh-so-satisfying, and the pitter’s “front tooth” keeps hands and fingers away from the blade. It works on olives, too. 

kitchen gadgets

Give lunch your stamp of approval. 

If “no crusts” is a nonnegotiable rule, cut out the time it takes to trim by hand while adding a friendly face with these happy sandwich stamps, and ensure that your kid will have a smile waiting for them at lunch. 

Two scoops, please.

Use a two-sided plastic scoop to easily and safely separate watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe from its skin. This also works for veggie tasks such as peeling cucumbers and coring halved bell peppers. Never underestimate the power of cutting healthy food into fun shapes. 

kitchen gadgets

Have fun at home.

It’s hard to say no when your kids want to help out in the kitchen — even if half the ingredients usually end up on the floor. Help your little chefs flex their skills (and save yourself the mess!) with fun egg separators, useful for baking projects that require whites and yolks in separate bowls (and not on the wall).   

Roll out the red carpet. 

Roll your cookie dough into a parade of monsters, acorns, or beehives, using a whimsical embossed rolling pin. If your kid’s favorite animal is a part-dinosaur, part-shark they made up, that’s OK too. The rolling pins are customizable.

The best thing about these gadgets is you can use them to surprise your kiddo in the lunchroom, or have fun together in the kitchen, all while turning them into the leader of the lunchroom. And, who knows, you might end up using a few of them for your midday meal as well. 

After the last bell rings, these fast and healthy after-school snacks will be a lifesaver when the kids return home hungry again.

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