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How (and Why) You Should Make a Car Seat Label

By Callie Leahy 2.7.14

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. A car accident occurs and the driver, you or a caregiver, is knocked unconscious and cannot answer the first responder’s questions regarding your small children in the backseat. While preventing those frightening situations is near impossible, being prepared for them is not. Labeling your child’s car seat with a car seat emergency label is a commonly overlooked precaution that can assist first responders in aiding your child in case of an emergency.

Creating your label

Your emergency label should be large enough to see without having to move an obstruction or seat cover. All text should be printed legibly and include the following information:

  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, in large, bold type
  • The child’s name, birthdate, and general physical description
  • The parents’ names and contact numbers
  • Alternate “in case of emergency” contact and that person’s relationship to the child
  • Any medical allergies or medications
  • Name and contact information for the child’s pediatrician or regular family doctor

Placing the label

Initially, you might consider placing the label on the door-facing side of the car seat — but what if the door is inaccessible to first responders and the child is being treated from a neighboring door or window? A label should be placed on both door-facing sides of the car seat as well as the back and handle area.

Other considerations

  • Avoid putting your address on the label. Keep in mind the label will be visible from the window of the car and could make you vulnerable to thieves.
  • Your car seat emergency label is only as beneficial as the information on it. Set a reminder on your smartphone to update your child’s information frequently, preferably every three months.
  • Check the quality and visibility of the label and replace as needed.
  • Let caregivers know where the emergency label is located when allowing them to drive your children.
  • Emergency stickers are also ideal for strollers and other child seats as well.

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