Texas Living

Last-Minute Christmas Photo Card Ideas

By Kristy Alpert 12.15.14

It happens to the best of us. We spend all our time gathering addresses, purchasing books of stamps, and even devoting all of our creative energy into picking out or designing a template for that annual Christmas card … only to realize that our photographer has already been booked up for months.

Luckily, you don’t need a pro to capture your family’s holiday cheer; all it takes is a smartphone and a little ingenuity, and you’ll have a merry and bright photo to send your family and friends. Here are three tips for dressing and posing your family to create a beautiful last-minute Christmas photo card.

  1. Get Proppy. Grab items from around your house to add some flair to your photo. Hot items this season include strings of colored Christmas lights tangled around the entire family, vintage duds (think grandpa’s suspenders and cap or those old suitcases sitting in your attic), giant candy canes held close to the camera and fit together to look like hearts framing the family, or even just a chalkboard with your season’s greeting written out.
  2. Say Action. Set the continuous function on your phone to take a series of shots or just videotape your family and select a few stills from the shoot later to give friends and family a real look at your goofy crew. To help break the ice, grab some white confetti and throw it in the air to get a surprised look from your family or sneak in some surprise hugs and kisses to get the kids giggling.
  3. Think Outside the Tree. Gathering around the Christmas tree was cute… the last four years you did it. It’s time to get out and get creative, from moving your furniture outdoors for a quick photo shoot in the lawn to even donning some festive socks and taking a family “foot photo” by the fireplace with a mug of marshmallow-topped cocoa set to the side.