Texas Living

Ornament Storage

By Callie Leahy 12.11.13

Caring for and storing your holiday ornaments and family mementos can feel like assembling a 100 piece puzzle with no end in sight. Before you turn to pricey craft store organizers and containers, check out these tips for DIY holiday ornament storage.

  • Recycling organizers. Recycle egg cartons from all of that holiday baking by using them for ornament storage. Apple containers from the grocery store, fast food drink carriers, and toilet paper rolls also make great ornament organizers.
  • Cookie and popcorn tins. Every year Great Aunt Edna sends her holiday love via mail-ordered popcorn, cookies, and baked treats. But what do you do with all those tins? The sturdy structure and holiday designs make great protectors for more delicate hand-made family treasures.
  • DIY cup organizer. Ready to give those basic red and green storage tubs an organizational makeover? Hot glue party cups to a piece of cardboard cut to fit your storage container.  The cups provide great protection and are ideal for stacking!
  • DIY dowel rod storage. Another great way to organize those holiday storage containers is to drill holes in the sides and place dowel rods across the box , allowing all of the ornaments to hang in the box without becoming a tangled mess of hooks come next year.
  • Sock organizers. The size, flexibility, and adjustable nature of diamond-shaped sock organizers make these dresser must-haves a perfect ornament storage option. Add a square of craft store felt to help keep your ornaments from touching in the box.
  • Oatmeal cans. Large decorative ornaments for the tree or outdoor decorations can be a challenge to care for year-round. Try storing them in an oatmeal can  and padding with tissue or newspaper for added protection
  • Repair kit. Broken ornament? Missing a hanger? Keep repair tools like glue and paint pens along with spare parts for on-hand easy repair when storing for next year.