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Protect Your Car’s Paint Job From Texas Weather

By Rachel Elmalawany 11.11.13

Author Annie Proulx wrote that the rapid weather changes kept the people of the Texas panhandle humble. Our vehicle’s paint job is humbled, too, with extreme heat, cold, ocean salt and everything in between. It’s important to protect your car’s paint job from extreme Texas weather.


The sun’s UV rays can do a lot of damage, but so can debris and abrasives. Be sure to wash your car often, especially if you park under trees, and dry it completely to avoid water spots. Waxing will protect your paint from sun damage. Carsdirect.com suggests waxing your car every three months to keep a layer of protection over your paint.

Road salt

The salt used to de-ice roads can cause permanent damage to automobile paint. Using a paint sealant during winter will help keep the salt off and your paint on. Autogeek.net suggests Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze for a good balance of shine and protection that lasts between four and five months.


Driving through the Chihuahuan desert or along the Gulf Coast can quickly erode your paint. If you know you’re going on a road trip through these areas, 3M offers Paint Defender Spray Film, which can be picked up at any auto store. If you live in these areas, a more long-term option is a clear film like this one offered from LLumar.

Whether it’s sun, salt, sand, bugs, or birds, washing and waxing your car often will be the best first line of defense against paint damage.

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