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Health Insurance Boosts Summer Comfort

By MARY O. PARKER 6.7.16

“As a parent, I know we can’t protect our children 100 percent of the time,” says Kari Hendricks, a mother of two and a Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agent in Jim Wells County. “The best thing we can do is be prepared when an accident does happen, because with kids, something always happens.”

Summer Security Blanket

Health insurance is like all insurance — we hope to never use it, but it provides a security blanket if something does occur. Come summer, the chance of needing it for your child increases. According to Texas Children’s Hospital, the number of broken bones and lacerations requiring stitches increases during summer break when kids aren’t sitting in school.

Of course, having health insurance won’t keep injuries from occurring, but it will ease the pain of medical bills. “Having health insurance gives parents peace of mind so they don’t have to stress about how to pay for treatment,” Hendricks explains.

Outdoor Safety

Before turning kids loose, discuss outdoor safety with them. Hendricks suggests taking a nature walk focused on pointing out poisonous plants. Also, she says, since roaming children may stumble upon cans and containers never seen before (e.g., while “exploring” the garden shed), she recommends labeling any toxic substances with pictures that even the smallest kiddos will understand.

Since summer brings lots of water-based activities, take time to make your child feel comfortable in and around water. Panicking in the pool or pond can make a dangerous situation worse. Don’t forget to slather sunscreen on your kids (use the highest SPF you can find, preferably waterproof), and never send your child out into the heat without a water bottle.

It might sound like a scary world out there, but actually, kids incur a lot more injuries participating in organized sports than they do engaging in free play outdoors.