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Quiz: What’s Your Texas IQ?

By Peter Simek 2.19.19

Think you know more Texas trivia than your neighbor? Take this quiz to determine your true Texas IQ.

1. Which country has never had jurisdiction over part of Texas?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Spain
d) Mexico

2. True or false: The white stripe of the Texas flag should always fly above the red.

3. What does it mean when someone “didn’t come to town two to a mule?”
a) They are unlucky
b) They are not smart
c) They’re not a true Texan
d) They’re rich

4. Which Texan helped inspire Samuel Colt to create his famous six-shot revolver?
a) Jim Bowie
b) Samuel Walker
c) Sam Houston
d) William Travis

5. How many counties are there in Texas?
a) 254
b) 305
c) 178
d) 232

6. What year did Texas gain independence from Mexico?
a) 1812
b) 1851
c) 1836
d) 1825

7. True or false: The Texas Capitol is taller than every other capitol building in the United States except for Congress in Washington, D.C.

8. What does “They tried to hang him, but the rope broke” mean?
a) He is a bad cowhand
b) He is lucky
c) He can’t find a date to homecoming
d) He frequently gets in trouble with the law

9. Which Western European country is larger than Texas?
a) Spain
b) Germany
c) Poland
d) There is no Western European country larger than Texas

10. What doesn’t belong in Texas chili?
a) onions
b) garlic
c) beans
d) Fritos

11. Who was the first governor of Texas?
a) Sam Houston
b) James Pinckney Henderson
c) Davy Crockett
d) Stephen F. Austi

12. The official sport of Texas is:
a) Baseball
b) Football
c) Fishing
d) Rodeo

13. In the Hasinai Indian tribe language, “Texas” means:
a) Big land
b) Friend
c) Land of cattle
d) Tornado alley

14. The first drilled oil well in Texas was in:
a) Nacogdoches County
b) Beaumont
c) The Permian Basin
d) Corsicana

15. True or false: Texas is the greatest country in the world.

Grade Yourself

Answers: 1. B; 2. True; 3. D; 4. B; 5. A; 6. C; 7. False (it’s taller than Congress); 8. B; 9. D; 10. C; 11. B; 12. D; 13. B; 14. A; 15. True

Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer.
130–150: You’re as Texas as Willie Nelson drinking Dr Pepper in a field of bluebonnets with a pet longhorn and, you get the picture.
110–129: Oh yeah. You’re a bona fide native.
90–109: If you weren’t born in Texas, you got here as fast as you could.
70–89: This is what happens when you spend too much time outside of Texas.
80–89: Seriously, less vacation, more staycation.
Less than 70: All right, you’re not from Texas. But Texas wants you anyway.

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