Texas Living

Safety Accessories You Need This Summer

By Haley Shapley 6.22.15

Summertime and the livin’s easy — keep it that way with accessories that will help you stay safe so you can enjoy every last minute of this season in the sun.

  •  Clothes that keep pickpockets at bay. The tank tops from Clever Travel Companion are a girl’s best friend when traveling — just pop a credit card, cash, and ID card in the secret pocket, and you can roam without the worry of carrying a purse. The tank tops also happen to be super-soft, so you’ll stay comfortable, too. Men will dig the convenience of Clothing Arts’ Pick-Pocket Proof Pants or Adventure Traveler Shorts, which dry quickly, look good, and have more secure pockets than you’ll know what to do with.
  • Alarms for hotel doors. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that if anyone opens your door without your permission, a loud alarm will alert everyone in the vicinity (including you, no matter how hard you’re snoozing). Some, like the Swege Door Stop and Alarm, will also make it difficult or impossible to open the door from the outside.
  •  Systems to purify water. When you’re camping or hiking, you can’t always carry all the clean water you’ll need. Bring along something like the SteriPEN, a hand-held device that uses ultraviolet light to destroy 99.9 percent of the bacteria, viruses, and other harmful stuff that may be lurking in the available H20. Water purification systems are also great when traveling to exotic places; while you can buy plastic bottles in a pinch, learn why it’s better to treat your own drinking water from Travelers Against Plastic.