Texas Living

Snow Day Activities

By Jennifer Norris 1.27.15

Snow days don’t necessarily equate to letting your kids park themselves in front of the TV and mindlessly zone out to cartoons. With a little work on your part and some imagination, snow days can be fun and memorable. Here are some winning combinations to help the keep the kids engaged and pass the time.

  1. Toothpicks and marshmallows: Construct … anything. Let your kids’ imagination run wild as they create 3D shapes using mini marshmallows and toothpicks.
  2. Animals and imagination: Pick an animal and create an entire day around it: Read books or look up information to learn more that animal or craft a mask that resembles the animal and encourage imagination play. That means getting on the ground with your little one and roaring just as loud he does.
  3. Family and board games: Active games like Twister and concentration games like Battleship will keep the kids active while they are stuck inside. Go one step further and set up teams to compete for a daylong Family Game Tournament. Winner gets bragging rights and the opportunity to pick out what’s for dinner.
  4. Letters and mementos: Make a time capsule. Have each child put together a few items they think defines their world right now — a marble from their collection, an action figure or matchbox car, a small doll, or a picture that they love. Then have them write letters to their future selves. Store all inside an airtight container and wait for a warmer day to bury.
  5. Paint and marbles: Tape a piece of blank paper to the inside of a baking pan. Dip marbles in small bowls of paint and then place in the pan. Roll each marble around then display your artwork on the fridge with pride.
  6. Lights and camera: Time to put on a show. Encourage your children to create a set and a script: Whether it’s a play, a dance show, or a talk show, kids innately ham it up when the camera starts rolling. Plus they love to watch themselves in action, and you’ll love watching the videos years from now.
  7. Pillows and blankets: Fort building is not a lost art form. Parents remember how fun it was and kids today are discovering just how magical a sheet draped over the back of the couch can be. Fill your fort with pillows and snacks and spend the afternoon there.
  8. Map and treasure: Stash small prizes or objects around the house and draw up a map. Give your child a flashlight, a little encouragement, and send them on a treasure hunt.
  9. Books and cuddles: Time for a “read in.” Get on some comfy clothes, pick out a handful of books, and get cozy in a pile of blankets and pillows. Either read aloud to each other or read quietly together. Don’t forget the snacks.
  10. Movie and marathon: Alright, we know we said don’t park them in front of the TV, but what kid doesn’t love a family movie marathon? Let each child pick out their favorite film, pop some popcorn, and gather on the couch under the blankets.