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Fruity Frozen Summer Sweets

By Casey Kelly-Barton 7.17.17

Sure, you can jump in the car and put the pedal to the metal for a delicious ice-cold treat. But what if everything you need is right in your own kitchen? Put in-season summer fruits to use in these healthy frozen treats.

Summer Fruits

  • Blueberry pops: All you need is five ingredients, a whirl in the blender, and a few hours in the freezer to provide instant relief.
  • Watermelon sorbet: Simply combine that leftover watermelon from your backyard barbecue with a syrup of water, sugar, and lemon juice. Blend it and toss it into your ice-cream machine.
  • Frozen lemon dreams: Sometimes you need a little extra chill in your lemonade — in the form of vanilla ice cream and ice, ice, ice.

Tropical Desserts

  • DIY pineapple whip: Pipe this Disneyland-inspired dessert through a pastry bag for a soft-serve look.
  • Coconut popsicles: This Dominican Republic favorite may soon become a favorite at your house, too.
  • Banana pops: Top peeled, horizontally halved bananas on popsicle sticks and top them with chocolate, nuts, coconut flakes, and whatever else your sweet tooth craves.
  • Mango carrot smoothie: Give the kids a full morning’s worth of energy with vitamins, fiber, and a helping of veggies.

Keep cool with other cool treats and know how to beat the heat safely.

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