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Indoor Outings for Ridiculously Hot Days

By Abi Grise Morgan 8.10.23

It’s unbearably hot. The summer’s coming to an end. You may be wondering: What can our family do for fun before school starts? These anti-boredom indoor outings are just the cure for the dog days of summer.

Take a Family Field Trip

Cleverly disguise learning with fun activities.

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Make the Journey the Destination

Locomote in style with a few fun pit stops.

Get Inspired

Become better acquainted with Texas’ extraordinary art scene.

Courtesy of The Texas Theater

Catch a Show

Experience the magic of live performances and historic dance halls.

Go Shopping

But leave the mall for another day.

Photo courtesy of 18th & Vine Barbecue

Indulge a Little

Eat your way through the great state of Texas.

For one last family trip outdoors this summer, why not dip into one of Texas’ natural pools?

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