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Festive Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree

By Michaela Brandt 12.4.17

Few things say “deck the halls” like a full-figured fir dressed to the nines with bright lights, sparkling ornaments, and a brilliant topper. The traditional Christmas tree is certainly a festive focal point for many homes, but it may not fit your lifestyle, space, budget, or allergies.

Luckily, whether you have limited floor space, relentless sniffles, or roaming young ones and pets, you have other options for making your home merry and bright from floor to ceiling.

Hanging Trees

Make the most of your ceiling space — and minimize tripping potential — by hanging your decorations. To keep the woodsy feel of a traditional Christmas tree, you can dress up a hanging bough or piece of driftwood with a handpicked selection of ornaments.

You can also suspend ornaments or colored paint stir sticks with fishing line to form a classic tree shape. These are great as tree substitutes or as additional decorations throughout the home in places like over the staircase or above the dining room table — or even as a festive mobile for the nursery.

Christmas Tree

Tabletop Trees

Set the table with bite-size versions of the typical Douglas fir, saving space and time spent decorating the full tree. From potted treetops and cuttings to minimalist branches in Mason jars, these tabletop trees are sure to bring the joy of the season to every surface of your home. For a personal touch, make a photo tree out of your favorite family memories.

Christmas Tree

Wall Trees

Three dimensions may be typical for trees, but two dimensions can work just as well when you’re short on space and full of creativity. Start a new family tradition by crafting wall decorations together, either in chalk or paint. Building triangular tiered shelves and glittering string-light trees can be simple but effective. 

Christmas Tree

Yummy Trees

This is a fun one: For a tasty twist on a tabletop tree, serve edible gingerbread trees and fruit displays your guests can savor.

Christmas Tree

The Real Deal

If the 6-foot spectacle is an irreplaceable part of your holiday, you can try one of these full-bodied surrogates. If you’re a booklover, you can give your home library new life with a literary tree. Or if you’re more of a DIY sort, bring your ladder indoors for a unique stand-in. Making a stacked tree out of your beautifully wrapped presents can also take some of the stress out of decorating — and it’s self-cleaning, since it will disappear as you open gifts! 

Christmas Tree

The great thing about these evergreen alternatives is the ability to add personal touches and family favorites to make the holidays feel even more like home. Whether you branch out and replace the traditional Christmas tree, or add different renditions throughout your house, these decorations are sure to fill your home with holiday cheer from the front door to the hearth.

And with the tree up, presents wrapped, and stockings hung, you can enjoy a safe and warm winter in your winter wonderland.

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