Texas Living

Waterproof Your Way Through a Rainy Spring

By Haley Shapley 4.12.16

Don’t let spring storms put a damper on your personal belongings. Use these tips to waterproof those items you use the most.

Get a small dry bag or water-resistant case if you plan to take your phone somewhere like the beach or on a boat. Quality device protection gear will come with Ingress Protection ratings, which tell you how well the device will keep out foreign objects and moisture. Look for an IP68 or greater rating for the best protection.

Canvas Shoes
Rub beeswax on your canvas shoes to protect them from the rain, then blow-dry and let them set. The water will bounce right off.

Cowboy Boots
Mink oil can do the trick for your Western footwear. First, make sure your boots are clean. Massage the oil into the leather, then use a blow dryer or the sun to soften the oil. It’s worth testing out a small patch first to ensure the color isn’t affected.