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What is a kolache?

By Emily Farris 8.21.13

If you’ve ever traveled in Texas, chances are you’ve heard of the kolache corridor situated on I-35 in the town of West, Texas, partially made famous during the annual Westfest. The small kolache shops have their own fan following; it’s common to see travelers and locals lining up to get their hands on their favorite morning meal.


What’s a kolache?

A kolache is a pastry filled with a dollop of fruit or other filling rimmed by puffy, soft dough. The treats became popular in West because of the town’s heavy Czech influence that began with immigration in the 1890s. These famous pastries are offered in a variety of fruit flavors including peach, prune, apricot, pineapple, plum, pumpkin, and raspberry, as well as fruitless flavors such as cream cheese and jalapeno and sausage.


Where to get kolaches

The fresh-baked pastries can be found around every corner in West, but some of the most popular purveyors are Czech Stop, Little Czech Bakery, and The Village Bakery.  Don’t let the long lines in these famous shops turn you away; these kolaches are worth waiting for.


How kolaches are helping the community

After the recent fertilizer plant blast in West, some popular kolache shops suffered little damage and were able to stay open to provide devastated residents the small comfort of their favorite kolache. Czech Stop was able to help first responders of the blast by donating cases of bottled water and handing out free food and drink to those affected. Some kolache stores are even collecting money for survivors of the fertilizer plant blast.