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What Memorial Day Means to Us

By Staci Parks 5.14.19

Memorial Day signals the unofficial beginning of summer. In Texas, that means longer days spent with family, friends, and neighbors, and enjoying backyard barbecues, afternoons on the lake, and nights at the baseball field.

But the holiday carries a deeper meaning too. For Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agents, Memorial Day is a time for reflection and gratitude for those who died serving in the United States Armed Forces.

A few Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Agents shared what Memorial Day means to them and how they observe the holiday.

Austin Bivins, Pflugerville Agent

“Memorial Day is a time to remember all the fallen heroes who have given their lives in such a courageous way. I come from a military family, so Memorial Day hits home. My grandfather, Robert Elliot Bivins (Papa Rick), passed away a year ago, and he was my hero. He was a commissioned officer in the Marines. My father, Rick Bivins, was an E4 corporal in the Marines. These men deserve all credit for the man I am.”

Paul Pustka, Shelby agency manager

“I am blessed to be part of a family of six kids. As a family growing up, we spent Memorial Day weekend camping. Memorial Day always started our camping season. As we aged and got married, we started taking our spouses. Then, our children. Eventually, our kids grew up and married. Now, their families join us on Memorial Day. What started out as eight in our family has now grown to 38. We all pile up in one house, crash anywhere there is an empty space, and spend four days together as a family. Now, we are also blessed with several grandchildren, and they are all growing up together. I cannot say enough as to how Memorial Day has kept our family strong and together. My family is stretched across the great state of Texas, but we know we will be together on Memorial Day.”

Madsen Raun, Wharton Agent

“We celebrate the good, old-fashioned American way! We always gather at my brother’s house and enjoy time by the pool, throwing horseshoes, and eating some good burgers and hot dogs! We are blessed to be citizens of the greatest country on Earth, but our country didn’t become that way because we were lucky. It became that way because of the sacrifice that men and women have made, and continue to make, for the greater good. We must always remember this!”

Alisha Young, Polk Agent

“Memorial Day is a day for our family to remember the sacrifice that so many soldiers have made for our country while fighting for our freedom. We believe that it is important for us as parents to make sure that our 7-year-old and 8-year-old understand the cost of freedom and that many soldiers have lost their lives to provide that for us. If we aren’t at a ballpark on Memorial Day, you will definitely find us outside grilling and enjoying the Texas sun, as we know it’s the beginning of summertime.”

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